Throughout my life I have been an avid supporter of all manner of volunteering, social betterment and philanthropic endeavors starting from a very young age, both in the church and in climbing the ranks of Scouting. Today I am a proud monthly supporter of my brother Jonathan (a fellow Eagle Scout) and his family’s vital Mission Work being done in Paraguay, South America, (in partnership with the Mission Society) and have been a member of two separate Mission teams to date (and hopefully more in the future) serving the incredibly-sweet people in Paraguay. In addition, I regularly and proudly support a number of other socially conscious brands and non-profit organizations doing good throughout the world.

I am proud to say that, not long ago, I launched a new brand of socially-conscious sunglasses called Illuminated Eyewear and to date we not only donated 1,000 pairs of reading glasses to the underserved communities of rural Paraguay, but, as we do with a portion of the proceeds from every pair of Illuminated Eyewear you buy, we contribute to two excellent non-profit organizations fighting the battle against preventable blindness: Orbis and SEVA.

Not long after the Launch of Illuminated Eyewear another philanthropic opportunity presented itself, and we were so proud to donate over $6,000 worth of merchandise to Special-Ops Survivors, a non-profit serving the families of the fallen from the absolutely Most Elite among America’s Soldiers!

Also, I am a proud member of the UNICEF Kid Power Team, and you can be too, by joining me in wearing a UNICEF Kid Power Band that empowers the steps you take every single day, and the exercise you need to keep your own body healthy, using them to feed hungry children, starving for something, anything to eat, just to stay alive. The UNICEF Kid Power Team, in partnership with Target and Star Wars: Force for Change is truly a spectacular cause!

And finally, I am currently working with current and prospective philanthropic partners to strategize and develop new ways to promote giving back, not only with my time and physical efforts, but also with my music in the future, so stay tuned for new and exciting developments to come.

Ben Killen

UNICEF kid power logo

P.S.’Think you can feed more starving children than me!? Well you better get started quick, ’cause you’ve got some catching-up to do! I’m a man on the move!! 😀  Snag your own UNICEF Kid Power Band today and follow me (BenBanjo) on the app so we can both encourage one another to do our best not only to stay healthy ourselves, but also to help save lives by feeding starving children throughout the world!

P.P.S. If you would like to support my Brother’s vital Mission Work in Paraguay, South America, first of all, thank you so very much for your desire to help! Words cannot express how thankful I am for your generosity. You can donate directly to his work using this link. Just make sure to input their four-digit ID#: 0353.